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Portugal has some of the most beautiful landscapes of Europe.
Are you coming? Don't stay sleeping.
In August 2006, the new born AEGEE antena from the far far west (my lovely doughter), joining all efforts, was able to welcome 15 people from more than 12 countries all over Europe (you can still see it at http://aegee.lisboa.eu.googlepages.com/su2006). Based on George Steiner's "Idea of Europe" we took everyone on a coffe. In the end, it was a great idea.

40% of the friendship cases are made at a coffe table.
Don't stay there sleeping.

AEGEE. Perfect matches.  ; )

Aaahh…Lisbon, the white pearl of Portugal. Lisbon, the place where you can wash your feet in the sof Atlantic, the place where you can go to a bar and listen to fado, the place where you can go to Bairro Alto and buy a beer from one bar and drink it in another, the place where you drink Sagres, the place where you can go eat as much Brazilian meat as you can, the place where you can drink ginjinha at Dom Pedro, the place with two crap football clubs, the place where you can get high all the time, the place where women are difficult yet the men are the easiest ones in the world and furthermore the place where you can buy a Brazilian man-prostitute who tries to look like a woman.

The happy memories from Lisbon rush like a tsunami to my mind. It’s a never-ending trip to my happy place. It always brings a smile and brightness up even the saddest of days.

Obrigado Lisboa! And beware, I will be back…

Salttusinho Fonseca
Tonight Lisboa is celebrating the day of it's "patrono", a religious figure called S.Antonio that is the most popular one around here. People have parades in the night, trully like a carnaval in Rio de Janeiro. There are grilled sardines (it's said that is by this time they're season is starting) and wine to make people happy and dance they're life problems away all night long.


You can see everyone having fun, not regarding they're social status or age. Every little corner of the old part of town and specially in Alfama, far from the croweded parades going down Avenida da Liberdade, there's old and young dancing toguether on the biggest folia that this beautiful white city by the river sees through all the year.

There's also a big party like this around 24 June in Porto, the party of S.João, known by it's little sound hammers that people keep beating in some other persons head through dance and music and some more grilled sardines and a glass of wine.

You are ALL invited to join this party, don't have a second thought. Tonight there's no place for laments, just to dance and dance and dance untill the new morning comes. So come over ;) You're more than welcome

On wikipedeia at: http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santo_Ant%C3%B3nio_de_Lisboa
Parava no café quando eu lá estava
Na voz tinha o talento dos pedintes
Entre um cigarro e outro lá cravava
a bica, ao melhor dos seus ouvintes

As mãos e o olhar da mesma cor
Cinzenta como a roupa que trazia
Num gesto que podia ser de amor
Sorria, e ao sorrir agradecia

São os loucos de Lisboa
Que nos fazem recordar
A Terra gira ao contrário
E os rios correm para o mar